Jan 232015

Basketbal It’s THAT Great!

Basketball…it’s the greatest sport in America!  Why?  Let me name the reasons!

First off, the basketball itself was invented by a doctor, Dr. James Naismith.  That, to me, is pretty astounding right there.  It happened way back in the late 1800’s.  The game came about right away and the rest is history.

You’ve got to give it to basketball, it’s not a real dangerous sport.  While accidents can happen, they are far less likely to than in football, ice hockey and some of the more physically aggressive games. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a tough guy to play basketball.  But, in my opinion, professional basketball players make it to retirement with less serious injuries.

Plus, you can play it in any kind of weather.  Rain, snow, sleet or shine, basketball is generally played in the comfort of an indoor court.  Of course it can be played outside too which is just icing on the cake.  If it’s a nice day and you want to enjoy some fresh air, catch a court and hoop it up!

Basketball has to be great.  It has been an Olympic sport since 1936 and has been an organized national sport since 1949.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry to date and has millions of fans beside.

So often, when a basketball player is telling his story, you will hear how he was saved from a life of violence, crime and drugs by his love for the sport.  The game helps youth detour from taking the wrong road so many times.  Why?  It not only gives them something they love to do, it offers exercise, socialization, a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth and so many other positive benefits.

Basketball is a game of skill.  It takes personal strength, focus and coordination.  It takes determination and dedication.  But, it is a game that can be learned.  It is not a respecter of persons in that although it helps to be tall and quick, you don’t have to be.

Avery “Little General” Johnson was one of the shortest pro players ever.  Standing at 5’10” tall, he had an outstanding 16 year career and went on to help coach the Dallas Mavericks.  There have been many pro basketball players that were only 5’7” like Anthony Webb and Asian NBA player, WataruMisaka.

Basketball isn’t difficult to learn.  Even fans can easily keep up with a game.  The scoring is a cinch as are the rules and regulations.  I remember hearing an older woman say that she used to go to high school and college football games all the time to watch her boys play but she never knew how the game was played.  “I just watched the cheerleaders and hollered when they did,” she said.  “But basketball, I know.”

I guess the thing I love most about basketball is that it is addicting.  It gets in your blood and becomes your life.  It’s not illegal and doesn’t require a 12-step program but it’s so good…maybe it should!

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