Feb 162015

What does it take to be great in the sport of basketball?  More than you may ever know!

Basketball is one of those sports that can look really easy when you are just watching.  Unless you have ever played, you may not realized just how much concentration, preparation and determination it takes.  And physical strength…just running up and down the court is enough to wear even the best fit athlete out.

First things first.  If you are going to play, even in middle or high school, you will have to make the grade.  You will be held accountable to keep your school grades high enough in order to make and stay on the team.  College is no exception.  Gone are the days, for the most part, where athletes got passed just because they were athletes.

Next up, you will need to be a team player.  You are only as good as the worst player on your team.  If you cannot get along with other and cannot work to help make them the best they can be, you are not a valuable player for your team.  Basketball is a team sport and you must be a team player.

You will also have to be teachable.  There will be coaches and managers and even other players who will be instructing you.  You have to listen to others and have a great attitude about it in order to make it as a basketball player.

Dedication is another key factor.  You will have monotonous practices and it will be tempting to skip them at times.  There will be days you don’t want to play or perhaps you really are under the weather.  That’s when you have to suck it up and do it anyway.

Being competitive helps to set your sites to do what it takes to win.  If you don’t care if you and your team win or not, you are going to be hard-pressed to find enough reason to give what it takes to succeed in the sport.

Another very important thing in the game of basketball is that you will have to make sacrifices and lots of them.  Especially if you go on to pro basketball, the things you will have to give up are endless.  You may have to relocate, spend time away from your family and a long list of hardships.  It’s all chalked up to dedication and giving all you have and that means…everything.

There are so many things aside from just the physical that basketball will require of you.  It will push you to your personal limits mentally and emotionally and even spiritually.  And, something many don’t consider is if you do make it big and you make the big bucks, can you handle yourself and your money.  There have been countless athletes who could not.  They end up in deep depression or down and out with drug and alcohol problems.  Some have even gotten lost in gambling and other evils that having lots of cash can bring.

But if you find that you are made of what it takes to make it in basketball, congratulations.  It’s a wonderful, wonderful world!

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