Jan 282015

Health, wealth, and happiness. That’s what we all want, and plenty of it. Today’s topic is health and it centers around smoothies. I love them and you will to if you learn to make them right. Get out the trusty immersion blender. It will become your favorite kitchen appliance. Get out some fresh fruit, plain or flavored low-fat unsweetened yogurt (coconut or key lime for example), and a knife. Then at the last minute get some ice. Start cutting the fruit in large pieces suitable for grinding and you are on your way to a yummy healthy snack. Add protein powder for that extra punch. Whir away and enjoy.

For those who wizen at the thought of fruit, you can make vegetables smoothies, but they will be less of a treat and more of a diet emulsion. Protein as always will help your stamina and your game. Indulge as often as you like. There are no restrictions about vegetables that I know of. You usually stop imbibing when your taste buds are nicely quenched.

Kale is tops on the list of new popular ingredients. It also blends well with pine nuts and pieces of fruit like watermelon, persimmon or apricots. Aficionados swear by anything with blueberries and bananas in it. So get some recipes and get stoked on sports smoothies. The protein powder as mentioned is what gives them their claim to fame.

Modern blenders are so powerful that they make the drink in seconds. Learn how long to keep it on. 30 seconds is more than enough. You can keep extra ingredients in the fridge so you only cut stuff up once. Really lazy people buy cut up fruit at the market, but it will cost you. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about calories unless you use regular sweetened yogurt or you add honey. It’s nice, by the way, so I don’t disdain it.

You can also add vitamin powders, Ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and any other health supplement you see fit. Add a laxative if you must or extra fiber. Think about flax seed oil or brewer’s yeast. If you couldn’t hack it before, you will now. That way you do your personal health regimen is a one-step process. You can also buy great smoothies in specialty stores and markets, but really, there is nothing like fresh. Ok, so you have to clean up. Yes, that goes with the territory. Besides, you might get fattening ingredients like corn syrup and the pounds will then add up fast.

Some smoothies can contribute to muscle building. That doesn’t mean hormones, mind you. It means it is made with beaten eggs and orange juice. It’s pure nutrition in a glass. You feel strong just looking at it! Peanut and almond butter go into another variety in this category if your taste leans more in this direction. The ladies like to use chocolate protein powder with bananas and peanut butter. Not bad in my book. You get a meal, such as breakfast, or a snack, depending on the quantity you make. Keep your calories the same as you normally do to avoid weight gain.

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