Jan 282015

Talking about locker rooms is infinitely less interesting than talking about the game. On that subject, you can drone on for hours. That said, there are times when a mention or two is in order. Basketball players, like other athletes, usually travel whether they are amateurs in a league or pros. And when they do, conditions are not always optimum. You get used to it. When you win, who cares? You are on a high. But when you are down, less than cleanly surroundings become very noticeable.

Home games are a treat for this reason. You can count on spick and span floors, shining chrome shower heads, and pristine toilets. There is no motivation for the opposition to provide A-one conditions for your benefit. You get what you get and if their habits are nastier than yours, so be it. On more than one occasion, while playing far from home, my team has feared and experienced the worst: going home with a bad case of toenail fungus from the showers. We hate it, we loathe it, and we avoid it. When it is handed to us on a silver platter, we politely say no. But it is forced down our throats, all the way to the bottom so to speak.

So you get it anyway. Even clean showers have secret stashes of the moldy stuff. Out come the creams, the sprays and the powders in defense. There are lotions and potions just for this purpose. They work to a degree, but we would rather not get the fungus in the first place. Some of us have resorted to flip flops. They are a great solution and highly recommended. Run out and get them no matter where you play, even if you are certain nothing is growing in your home gym shower stall. Locker room etiquette is what it is about and taking precautions is not wimpy at all.

Have you seen the yellowish-black disease? It invades the insidiously and stays put forever. The nail bed love onychomycosis, which is also known as dermatophytic onychomycosis or tinea unguium. Sounds bad and it kinda is from an aesthetic perspective. It can deform your nails and cause ingrowns that hurt. It is unpleasant and unwanted. Athlete’s foot is very curable, but a real deep down fungus takes a lot of time and effort. Some take pills, some daub on prescription drops, some give up. It must be common because there are at least a thousand touted magic remedies on the Internet. Is it all from locker rooms? Maybe. They are the hot bed of fungal germination.

So, in sum, while locker rooms are not top on my list of sports topics, they do remind me to remind you to watch out where you tread. You can’t be too careful or you will be 1. Grossing people out from here on out and 2. Shelling out a lot of wasted cash. Personally I go with doctor’s medications rather than lemon juice and vinegar. Somehow that stubborn mess is resistant to anything natural.

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