Oct 122017

After basketball, the guys like to hand out a minute or two in the locker room to catch up. We talk about the game and our particular prowess that day. Ha! We also get serious and other topics come up. One team member mentioned that a friend had gotten mugged and that he had surprised the attacker with mace. I am one of those self defense novices who doesn’t even know the difference between mace and pepper spray so a heated discussion ensued about which is worse.

Mace is actually a brand that usually rolls off the tongue when discussing tear gas and pepper spray. They are used in warfare (according to movies and TV) and by the police. They are one of the most popular modes of self defense for ordinary citizens. The old chemical mace is off the market due to reported injuries. The brand now covers all the related products.

I was surprised to learn that mace and tear gas are not effective on people under the influence. How odd. Pepper spray, on the other hand, does work. I wanted to know more so I looked it up online when I got home from the game – here’s the source I found: https://www.selfdefenseguide.org/mace-pepper-bear-spray-differences/. Pepper spray will render a robber incapacitated for up to an hour. As an inflammatory agent, it will provoke coughing, choking and nausea. Plus, it dilates the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness. It is a pretty scary experience.

Tear gas is an alternative that is composed of a white crystal in sec-butanol. Here’s what happens: the eyes water and burn and the nose and mouth feel like they are on fire. It is awful to say the least. Coughing and choking follow. I am not sure why assailants who are high do not respond. Nor do people who are violent and insane. They just don’t feel the effects. Pepper spray for some reason works on all these individuals who are otherwise impervious to pain. It lasts longer and causer greater discomfort. Thus, it makes the better choice and is legal where tear gas is not always.

Wow. I have said a lot. Do you want more? While we are on the subject, I want to mention that I read how important it is to learn the right way to use pepper spray, whatever the brand. You can practice ahead of time. I also read that nothing works if you don’t take it with you and this seems like very wise advice. Keep it in your backpack or pocket if you are concerned about personal safety. Training and education about self defense will help make the spray work for you.

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