Horse at 2 AM

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Feb 112017

Any form of basketball is okay by my, even playing a night game of horse at 2:00am after watching a couple of old videos of great games with the guys. It puts you in the mood and if there is an outdoor court nearby you can illuminate it with the headlights of a few cars and add the illumination of a bright tactical LED flashlight. This is my idea of fun at odd hours of the night when you feel no desire to sleep. Are you familiar with the game? I have provided some basic rules.

You can play horse with two or more people. The guys just have to decide the order of play—who goes first, second, etc. Or if you prefer, you can take turns shooting from the same location and the player who gets the most baskets goes first. This is a simple way to start.

At this point, the first player takes a shot. He can decide where on the court as he wishes and it becomes a challenge shot. The only rule here is that he must announce any contingencies for the challenge before he tries to make the basket. A contingency could be “I am shooting with my eyes closed” or another such statement.

After this challenge shot, the next player in turn gives it a try. If the first attempt was successful, this second player must perform the same action at the point where the first was standing on the court. But if the first player missed, the second has the option of shooting now from any place he likes and now he invents a new challenge.

The game continues on in the same manner—a player makes a shot and the next must copy it unless he missed. A new challenge is invented in the course of the game. After the last player has taken his shot, it now reverts to the first one.

If a player fails a challenge, meaning he misses the basket, he gets a letter beginning with “H.” Every mistake entails a new letter until the word “horse is spelled out. At this point, the player involved loses the game. The only rule to know here is that a player inventing a challenge cannot get a letter. This means that if he misses his shot, the ball passes to the next person on the team with no penalty. It’s not as confusing as it sounds. Another point to remember is that if a challenge is invented, and all players ensuing make their turn at shooting, you get to invent a new challenge. This keeps things interesting.

The play goes on until there is but one person remaining. If a player gets a “HORSE,” he has to leave the game. The rest of the players continue playing according to the rules. Thus, at the end of the game, there is one winner left in the game. He can now rejoice and buy the next round of drinks or go hope happy.

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